What is Ergonomics ?

Ergonomics (from the Greek word meaning work in natural laws), is the science of refining the design of products to optimize them for human use. Human characteristics, such as height, weight, and proportions are considered. Ergonomics is sometimes known as Human Factor Engineering.

Why is Ergonomics important to kids?

Ergonomics is essential and plays a significant role in the children’s growth. The longer kids sit on a chair, the more time their backs are molded to whatever they sit on. Improper sitting posture causes slouching that result in Hunchback and Scoliosis


 What are children benefits from ergonomics ?

Most of people have not considered how our children can benefit from ergonomics. The fact is that children can benefit even more than we do. We just need to find a way to make ergonomics fun and exciting for them and they will do the rest!

  • Supports the healthy development of child’s spine.
  • Minimizes the risk of hunchback and scoliosis.
  • Minimizes eye strain and reduces vision problems.
  • Improves the child’s blood circulation and increase focus with both feet firmly on the floor.
  • Improves good balance of muscle strength and flexibility

The ideal positions for kids table and seat as your children grow for comparison:


Still wondering how and what to provide your kids with to ensure their ergonomics are well taken care of?

Best4Kids has the right study desk and chair for your kids! We are concerned about your children’s health and did massive research on how to encourage good sitting posture so that your kids would enjoy studying, reading and drawing effectively and healthily.
We created a series of ERGONOMIC learning tools that have been engineered with latest technology and made from Eco-friendly materials. These products fulfill your expectations for a healthy and conducive learning environment and care for the future of your child.
Feel free to contact us or check our products today to give your child the best care they deserved!

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