Ergonomic Kids Desk and Chair Set - DW120S | Solid Wood

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Children's needs and heights change as they grow, so having a height adjustable desk can ensure that they have a comfortable and ergonomic workspace that can be adapted to their changing needs.

The benefits of ergonomic desks for kids include:


  1. Better posture: By allowing the desk to be adjusted to the right height, a height adjustable desk can help children maintain good posture, reducing the risk of strain and injury.
  2. Increased comfort: As children grow, their desks can be adjusted to the appropriate height, ensuring that they are always working at a comfortable height that reduces the risk of fatigue and discomfort.
  3. Improved focus: When children are comfortable and in the right position, they are more likely to be able to focus on their work and be more productive.
  4. Encouragement of physical activity: By allowing children to stand and move around at their desks, height adjustable desks can encourage physical activity, which can have positive effects on their overall health and wellbeing.


Overall, the ergonomic desks can be a good investment for children, as they provide a range of benefits that can help improve their posture, comfort, and overall health.


A good study posture is important for kids. Proper posture can help reduce physical discomfort, promote good circulation, and increase concentration and focus. It can also help prevent chronic conditions such as back pain, neck pain, and headaches.

Additionally, good posture sets a good foundation for healthy habits and can help children maintain good posture throughout their lives. Encouraging kids to sit up straight, keep their feet on the floor, and use a chair and desk that are appropriate for their height can help ensure that they adopt good posture habits.

Features : 
    • Brand: TotGuard ( Top 1 kids' ergonomic desks and chairs brand)
    • Large surface, the right side can be tilted up to an 50-degree angle
    • Safety locks to tilt the desk
    • Hands-free book holders
    • Desk surface is easy-clean, has scratch resistance and diffuse reflection(vision protection) 
    • Double drawers 
    • Upgraded desk legs to be stronger
    • Deeper Hutch: the increased space fits A4 size books
    • 1 year limited warranty
    • Weight: 55 kg (121 lb.)


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Ergonomic Kids Desk and Chair Set - DW120S | Solid Wood
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  • Wood(Blue Option) / CH22F - $1,308.00 CAD

Ergonomic Kids Desk and Chair Set - DW120S | Solid Wood

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